Welcome to the Equity Plug JV Deal Submission where you can submit your deals and we’ll help you get the property closed quickly! Profits will be split 50/50 on all deals you submit.


JV Deal Submission Guidelines


In order to best assist you, we kindly ask you to fill out a deal submission form by filling out the form on the right. Before filling out the form, consider the following:


  1. You must have the property under contract with the seller of record. Please attach a copy of the executed contract between you and the seller.

  2. Please upload Pictures to a photo sharing website like Google or Drop Box. Please make the pictures available for public sharing.

  3. Please make sure we know how to access the property. If it is on a lock box please provide the lock box code.

  4. You must submit the 3 Highest Comp Addresses, (all within 1 mile of property, within 10% above and below square foot range, only sold in the last 6 months).

  5. Your deal must be in contract for 65% of the Zillow ARV to be considered.  If your deal is over 65% please DO NOT SUBMIT IT.

  6. We are unable to partner on deals in RURAL AREAS, if your deal is in a rural area please DO NOT SUBMIT IT.

  7. Please note we will need 15 days in order to market the property, find a buyer, and close on the property.


*Note: Profits will be split 50/50 on all deals you submit.


** Please allow our team 24-48 hours to review your submission.


We will contact you only if it has been accepted.