Longhorn III Investments, LLC is a direct private lender offering short-term acquisition and renovation capital to real estate investors throughout greater Chattanooga and Nashville.  Highlights of our loan program include:


-  Up to 75% of ARV (after repair value)

-  Finance up to 100% of cost

-  Close in 3 - 5 business days

-  No pay-stubs, W2s, or tax returns

-  No experience required

-  No pre-payment penalty

Center Street Lending is direct private lender offering fix/flip, bridge, and rental loan programs for properties located in AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, MD, NC, TN, TX, VA & WA. Center Street Lending is not a hard money lender and seeks credit worth borrowers with liquidity and require a minimum of 15% of cash equity in our transactions. All loans are business purpose only and the asset must be owned by a legal entity.

Fix/Flip Highlights for Experienced Investors:

 Rates as low as 8.75%
 Origination Points: 1.0%-2.25%
 Terms from 6 – 12 months
 Finance up to 85% of cost (purchase + renovation)
 No prepayment Penalty
 Minimum credit score: 620
 $100,000 minimum loan
 No income verification or tax returns
 Close in two weeks

For further details, contact Troy Ellis:


Direct Dial: 404-410-7432

Carlock Trucking & Construction LLC has the modern, well-equipped fleet of equipment and experienced staff of trained professionals needed to handle a wide range of projects. Our services include demolition, construction, trucking, site preparation, and more. We bring the experience needed to complete even the toughest jobs.

These Properties are not listed with a realtor or on the market. All properties are strictly off market, wholesale deals.

Lancaster PA


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